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The Report
About the HOME ANALYSIS Reporting system
Since the pre-sale inspection report provides prospective buyers with FULL disclosure of a structure’s performance, a prospective buyer’s concerns and questions are answered prior to making an offer. A pre-sale inspection also assures that, in the event a buyer hires their own inspector, there are no surprises. Therefore, a pre-sale inspection also eliminates contract renegotiations often found with buyer inspections. 

Buyer or Seller, Professional Home Inspections has the experience to assist you with what ever your inspections needs.
The home inspection process can be a great concern to the seller.  Its not the inspection, but the timing that is the issue. 

A negative inspection report or one with issues can impact the buyers decision to purchase the home.  A Pre-Sale or Seller inspection will simplify the inspection process. 

This is a newer practice in the Real Estate industry.  While similar to a traditional buyer’s inspection in that it focuses on the structure’s performance, it differs in HOW the information is used. The key goal of the pre-sale inspection is eliminating any buyer concerns before negotiating the purchase a home
Upon having an offer on a home excepted by all parties, the Real Estate transaciton starts.  A number one priority for a buyer is to make sure the home is really for them.  That it will be sound and healthy for many years to come.  

Professional Home Inspections’s goal is providing our clients with all the information necessary to make an informed decision. Our inspectors make every effort to educate clients and explain a home’s components. 

The "HOME ANALYSIS" report, was developed over the 30 year history of the company. It includes over 30 pages of information that simplifies the buying and selling process. The report indexes and breaks down each component of a home by type, materials, and performance.  ( a sample HOME inspection reports can be found in the left column of this page.)

With in the inspection process, many elements may come to light such as insect infestaion or damage.  Other concerns may be Environmental impact (ie. asbestos, lead paint or mold )  You can trust all health and saftey concerns as well as aspects that may impact the structural integrity of the home will be addressed within the report.

Whether you purchase a home as your main residence, an investment property, or as a home you plan to flip, a wise BUYER utilizes the trained eyes of a quality inspector as part of the decision-making process.
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