Professional Home Inspections | Report | Wenatchee WA
Its our belief, the most important part of the inspection is having information you can easily access and use to assist in the ease of the home buying transaction. 

Our inspectors goal is providing our clients with all the information necessary to make an informed decision    We created the "HOME ANALYSIS " reporting system for just that reason and is one aspect that sets us apart form the competition.  The report outline, was developed over the 30 year history of the company.  A typical report includes over 30 pages of information that simplifies the buying and selling process. The report indexes and breaks down each component of a home by type, materials, and performance.   You can trust all health / safety and environmental concerns as well as aspects that may impact the structural integrity of the home will be addressed within the report.  ( a sample HOME inspection reports can be accessed for review below )

During the inspection process there maybe findings such as pest impact, damage, environmental or structural. ​ Our inspectors are trained and certified to assist with all your inspection needs

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