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THE Washington State Energy Code 

Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) is among the most advanced, stringent codes in the nation.  

The WSEC standards set minimum requirements for energy-efficient design and construction for new and renovated buildings that impact energy use and emissions for the life of the building. Energy codes are part of the broader spectrum building codes, which govern the design and construction of buildings. Building energy codes set a baseline for energy efficiency in new construction by establishing minimum energy efficiency requirements. In theory, improving the energy code – increasing performance requirements – generates energy savings in a consistent and long lasting manner. 

 Building Air Leakage Testing; WSEC section 502.4.5 requires air leakage testing for all new houses. 

The requirement is met if the house has a Specific Leakage Area (SLA) of .00030 or less.  SLA is an estimate of a home’S leakage area, in square inches, under “typical” conditions, divided by the conditioned floor area of the home.  The test must be performed using a Blower Door device which consists of a large fan, a frame and panel.  A manometer (pressure gauge) is used to read house and fan pressures. WSEC states that the test may be performed at any time after rough in. All penetrations in the building envelope must be sealed including those for utilities, plumbing, electrical, ventilation and combustion appliances. The code also states that when required by the building official, the test shall be conducted in the presence of department staff.  All tests must be performed by certified Energy Auditor.  An air leakage test is not required for additions less than 750 square feet.  Other limitations should be noted and reference to the full code is recommended
(Blower Door / Duct Blasting
(Envelope Evaluation)
 Washington State Energy Code Wins in Legal Battle

Washington State adopted a new energy efficiency code for residential buildings that required a 15% reduction in energy consumption for new homes

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And....   What this means !
With the current changes to the Washington State Energy Code, taking effect January 2011, all NEW homes must receive a diagnostic energy audit to verify the integrity of the homes envelope and heating system to efficiency

This comprehensive home energy audit is conducted by licensed home inspectors with over 20 years of experience
What this represents to the customer is an experienced, unbiased third party certified professional who systematically evaluates home.
 Each audit includes the most up to date technology coupled with the most current energy auditing software. This enables us to provide our customers with the most accurate and comprehensive energy assessment available.  Upon completion of the audit a detailed energy efficiency assessment report is prepared. The required documentation is supplied for building code compliance.
Professional Home Inspections can assist further utilizing infrared thermal imaging as an integral part of the energy assessment in order to locate building performance deficiencies. Using infrared technology enables the discovery of undetected areas of energy loss and provides for a complete and thorough energy assessment of the home.

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